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Search Engine Optimization

It’s about delivering content that the search engines want to reward and that drives customers through your sales funnel. It’s about being found in all the right places, and it’s about using that visibility to drive real, measurable growth in your company’s bottom line.

DotMoby can create well strategized Search Engine Optimization campaigns which will see your websites traffic increase from existing customers and an abundant of new customers. We can create effective campaigns that will see your site get top ratings in all major search engines and let you track all of your websites data and traffic with Google Analytics.

As a leading online marketing agency, we can assist your business in increasing search engine rankings and boosting traffic with:

Advanced Keyword & Market Research

To target your customers when they search for the exact thing your sell, generating very high quality traffic.

Usability & Accessibility Optimization

Increasing quality conversion rates by simplifying your website interface and content.

Audits & Deep Technical Analysis

To give you better insight into your websites performacne, and define better SEO strageties that works.

Analytics, Testing & Maintenance

Monitoring, updating and implementing new SEO strategies that gurantees outstanding results.

Website & Content Optimization

Optimizing your website and content to be easily discoverable by users searching fo rrelevant terms.

Penality Prevention & Recovery

We adapt whitehat seo stratigies, helping peanilized site to recover and rank high in search results.


School Bus Hire (schoolbushire.com)

A little background

School Bus Hire, a company operated by ExpressBus limited, is a charter bus service company providing charter bus services for Schools in Ireland. The company been in business for over 20 years.

The company contracted several SEO Agencies in the past to bring up its site SchoolBusHire.com to google’s first page. Over the years the company spent thousands of euros, employed different digital marketing experts and strategist but sadly they were unsuccessful in bring the site up on Google’s top search results.

DotMoby was contracted to help with this assignment.

1st Page in 2 Months on Google Search






The Problem

While this is a profitable bus charter business, the variety and breadth of high-volume keywords are somewhat slim. When Know Agency started managing the SEO, the chosen keywords were too broad and did not provide any value to the client. DotMoby also discovered that most pages on the site had thin, underdeveloped content.
Before DotMoby took over the site was ranking on the 28th position of google results(on the third page of Google Search results), 43rd position on Bing, using high competitive keyword ‘school bus hire’.
It was of significant importance for Express Bus to rank its company SchoolBusHire.com on top of Google listing on the first page using the high competitive keyword ‘School Bus Hire’.

The Solution

DotMoby’s SEO experts started by analysing competitors and discovered which keywords would be more targeted to schoolbushire’s customer base. We knew we needed to build an SEO strategy cantered on evergreen content that would generate long term exposure, position the brand as an authority in the industry, generate some quality organic traffic.

At DotMoby we always employ white hat and organic seo strategies which helps our clients to generate long term exposure and steady organic traffic.

Once we were confident of the new strategy plan, we upgraded the whole website with new content and mapped some of the keywords, we created new content pages and tracked them, based on the analytics we were able to further tweak our strategy. Finally, the worked.

That’s great! But you may ask how long did it take to reach the #1 page ?

The Result

It took us 2 months to hit the first page and 5 months to reach the #1 ranking.

PeriodGoogle RankingBing Ranking
Ranking before DotMoby was contracted27th Ranking / 3rd Page43rd Ranking / 4th Page
First Month18th Ranking / 2nd Page38th Ranking / 3rd Page
Second Month11th Ranking / 2nd Page16th Ranking / 2nd Page
Third Month5th Ranking / 1st Page8th Ranking / 1st Page
Fourth Month3rd Ranking / 1st Page2nd Ranking / 1st Page
Fifth Month1st Ranking / 1st Page1st Ranking / 1st Page


Needless to say, ExpressBus was pretty happy with the results.